WHO IS Nigel E. Harris? 

Nigel creates movement and excitement using music wherever he goes - if you want a one man band to liven up your event… he's your 'troubadour' of choice.

A passionate singer/songwriter, Nigel is no stranger to the recording studio with two albums and several singles to his credit and several writing projects always on the go.

The local house concert circuit offers Nigel venues for his original music and story-telling  talents to entertain his audiences with his upbeat banter and multi-instrumental virtuosity. He picked up a Cavaquinho (a small mandolin-like instrument) during his travels in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and incorporates it as well as ukulele into his 'live' performance set-list.

Nigel not only introduces his students to guitar and ukulele, but ignites their passion for learning and progressing on their instrument - he has his own roster of private students which he's successfully developed over the since 2003.

As chief cook and bottle washer of 'Musical Wellness' since 2003 (musicalwellness.com), Nigel is a catalyst for creating what he calls 'love made visible' - the positive energy shift that happens to people through music. Working primarily with developmentally disabled individuals and seniors in care facilities and community centres, a typical day will take him on the road from Kanata to Orleans and all points in between.

In addition to this, Nigel is also the original musical director of 'Minds In Song', a singing community for elders formerly sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County, and now a 'Musical Wellness' program renamed 'Hearts In Tune', for home-based early Alzheimer participants and their caregivers.

Nigel is gaining national recognition for his Therapeutic Drumming Circles. The energy released in the communal primal drumming sessions, energizes and 'awakens' the circle of participants, who are otherwise challenged by the fog that holds them back from connecting on an emotional level.  He leads weekly drumming circles with early Alzheimer participants as well as frequent sessions with developmentally delayed Inuit youth. 

Nigel  also enjoys capturing the unique 'live' sound of bands and singer-songwriters as they perform on Ottawa stages with his mobile Bare Bones Recording Studio, using iPad state-of-the-art technology.

Following 25 years working in the engineering industry between 1975 and 2000, Nigel continues to be a contribution to organizations, this time as a lunchtime drumming 'coach', assisting management in developing and maintaining a culture of 'wellness' in the workplace.

We look forward to more fall 2017 offerings!  

  • Member of Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
  • Member Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC)  
  • Music Director 'Hearts In Tune' since 2013
  • Music Director Tamir Neshama Choir 2017 
  • BA (music concentration) University of Ottawa 2006
  • Higher National Diploma Electrical & Electronic Engineering - East London University, London England 1973-76


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