How about doing something different and fun this lunchtime, that includes:  EVERYBODY! 

A physical, hands-on, activity right at your workplace that features music and rhythm?
Why not have your work teams experiment with new rhythmic interaction and then harvest the learning back into the workplace?


Stress melts away and staff gets energized for the rest of the day. More importantly, people connect *within* and then with others.

Participants will...

  • Discover their unique contribution to the group 
  • Experience the 'high' of a synchronized drumming team  
  • Take a break from work and 'zone out' in a supportive sharing environment


Your mentor and coach: 

Nigel E. Harris - drumming guru 

An accomplished music facilitator and educator since 2003, Nigel works with organizations to empower their most important resource -people  


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Interested? Contact Nigel at (613) 728 5305 or CLICK HERE