Were have returned to serve you in Ottawa, Canada and will be bringing you Musical Wellness ‘live’ and in person,  through our online presence. 

NEW SERVICE, NEW SERVICE, we are now recording live interviews, chats and launching them on line as PODCASTS for you to promote your event. See BARE BONES STUDIO for more info.  

Stay tuned for new music, concerts and programing for the elderly and special needs folks.

Let us help you keep the music alive by signing up for online guitar or ukulele lessons -  read on for details.


May 2024





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Audio Recording at Bare Bones Studios

I wanted to do something special for my daughter’s 19th Birthday.  My father passed away many years ago but I’ve always regretted the fact that I never recorded his voice because at certain times, in certain moods, I would dearly love to hear it.  I very much enjoy singing certain songs with and to my daughter, so I decided to record a few as a keepsake in case she ever wanted to hear my voice.  Being a father himself, Nigel knew exactly what I wanted and made the whole process simple and fun during a half day recording session at his Bare Bones Studio.  My daughter loves this gift.  Thanks, Nige, for helping make love live…forever!

~George Dutch~

-Live Family Events-

It was a lovely party and your music delightful and your ability to engage with both children and parents quite special. Everyone reported having a great time, so happy to be able to bring people together in these times for a gentle, unifying and nourishing few hours.  Thanks so much for your performance and presence.

~Daniel Tigner~


~ Choirs for people with dementia and their caregivers ~

I have seen the marked change, within those participants with Dementia, each time Nigel has introduced percussion instruments into our Mind & Song sessions.

The regular 4/4 beat of the drum seems to ground us, to it is added any other form of percussion instrument to which we spontaneously respond with body movements, dancing, singing, clapping, and laughter. Everyone has a free-flowing, enjoyable time.
Nigel is the catalyst that makes it all work.   

Thanks for the experience 😊
~Harlene Walker~


Drumming Circles

I just wanted to let you know that the drumming circle was a HUGE hit! Everybody got into it right away. The most AMAZING part was watching Joe (not real name). We definitely saw a progression of the disease (in him) over the past few months resulting in increasing difficulty following directions. However, today at the drumming circle, we gave him some of the big shakers (I don't remember the correct terminology for them) and he got so into it that he stood up and started dancing around the circle. It was truly heartwarming to see him be so lively! 
Nigel did such an INCREDIBLE job! I definitely think drumming circles need to be incorporated in the fall!
Have a great week everyone! :)
- Miriam Goubran~


Professional Endorsements

I want to say again how lovely it was to meet you and to learn of the wonderful work that you are doing. You must be touching so many people in so many ways. I can't tell you how much my parents enjoy your sessions and every Saturday my mom calls me to talk of the songs sung at the Minds in Song programme. 
My research focuses very much on trying to understand what causes cardiovascular disease and small vessel disease of the brain. I think its really important to maintain ‘healthy vessels’ - because damaged vessels affect all organs, including the heart, kidney, brain, leading to heart attacks and failure. Kidney failure and stroke/dementia. A good way to maintain healthy vessels is exercise, no smoking and a healthy lifestyle – perhaps singing and music too!
Would you mind if I shared your website with the Alzheimers Society in the UK? Your good work could be further enjoyed by many in this part of the world too.
Please continue your fantastic work. Again, I cant stress how precious your contributions are – to the most vulnerable of people

~Professor Rhian M. Touyz~

President, International Society of Hypertension

British Heart Foundation Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine

Director, Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences

BHF Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre


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