*** UPDATE***     24th September 2022 


We have relocated to Brazil for the winter months and so will be bringing you Musical Wellness from the sunny shores of of our magical island paradise!

Stay tuned for new music, live concerts and reflections on life in the southern hemisphere where a beach is always less than 5 minutes away!  




On The Edge Of Elections 

Most of you have heard all the commotion about the elections here... it IS a big deal as it's all about democracy and if the values you and I are used to, will flourish in the world.

Of interest to all of us in Canada, where voting turn-out is notoriously low, here it is MANDATORY to vote... if you don't, you're facing a prison sentence!

Also shades of what happened in the US not so long ago, being a race between two leaders, one of whom is claiming that the electoral system is fraudulent, and that should he lose, he will not accept the outcome.

We will see what transpires tomorrow.






So our first week and a half here in southern Brazil is going swimmingly!

We like:

the 42 beautiful beaches, the weather in the 20s and heating up, friendly service everywhere with a creative flair, inexpensive eating out and free busses for the over 60s and alcohol cheaper than we are used to, and an opportunity to enter into Portuguese immersion every day!!!


We'd rather not be dealing with:

bank cards that don't work here, Canadian telephone numbers that can't be reached by two step authentication protocols, cool apartments in the spring with minimal heating



but... it's a good move and these are early days with lots of time to iron out the challenges.

We arise to a chorus of singing birds every morning and I'm up and walking on the beach and enjoying the sound of the surf by 8am. 

There is an old fort not far from here that was built by the Portuguese around 1772 as a deterrent against a possible Spanish invasion. The view is beautiful as are most of the views around here.

Tomorrow we go south of the island as we are invited to a Brazilian BBQ with some of the friends here we know from Canada -looking forward to it!

OK that's all for now



Musical Wellness 



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HOUSE CONCERTS - now booking!

Do you miss having 'Live' music in your life?

Can you imagine a concert in your living room with your favorite friends and family?

Well dream on... we can make this happen!

We are presently setting up the spring and summer house concerts and will show you how to be a host.

The events are ticketed so funds are raised for the performing artist and you provide the venue.

For more info: https://musicalwellness.com/contact

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