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I recently wrote a new song up in Wakefield during the Ian Tamblyn songwriting workshop entitled 'Thanks For Nothing'.  

The exercise was to write the song to the title I was given, so I uncharacteristically went on a bitchin' rant about all that could bug someone when in a bitchin' mood. 

We were given 20 minutes to write it and then I played it to our circle of 10 songwriters and Ian. 

Well, the gang loved my change of style 'cause I usually write about peace and love and butterflies... boring...  Anyway when the CBC Searchlight contest was asking for entries, I entered it - didn't make the top 100, but had a blast putting the YouTube video together - here it is!  

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I wrote this song after seeing someone I know playing small by not rising up to their greatness. It reminded me how we all sometimes do this and realized we CAN get what we really want if we fight for it by 'Getting In Action' and taking some small steps along the path... It usually turns out OK...

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 'My Old Man & Me',   make peace with yourself and forgive Dad, while you still can...  

  Video: Wasim Baobiad - Storyline Productions


IAN TAMBLYN plays his cover of my song "WAKE UP!"  at Kaffe1870, Wakefield, Quebec


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