Unlock Your Musical Journey with Personalized 

GUITAR & Ukulele Lessons! 🎶


🌟 Discover the Joy of Music:
Embark on a musical adventure with personalized ukulele lessons designed just for you! Unleash your creativity and express yourself through the enchanting melodies of this lightweight instrument that fits into a small backpack. The guitar, although a little larger, still enjoys enough portability so you can discover the joy of music by taking it with you to share your musical discoveries with your friends. 

🎸 Immediate Wins, Boosted Self-Esteem:
Using a proven, non-theoretical method, you'll play simple songs immediately, boosting your self-esteem with each chord strummed. The soprano ukulele is an easy-to-play 4-string instrument, perfect for beginners of any age, including kids looking for a simple intro to music. We use a similar approach when teaching guitar, so that is becomes a non-theoretical introduction into  the world of music, enabling you to play your favorite pop songs quickly with your friends.   

🤝 Supportive and Fun Atmosphere:
Join a supportive and encouraging learning environment where every lesson is filled with positivity, patience, and a passion for music. With one-on-one coaching, you'll learn at your own speed, either online or in person.

🌟 Flexible Scheduling and Song Choice:
Life can be busy, but that shouldn't stop you from pursuing your musical dreams! Choose your songs once the basics are covered and enjoy flexible scheduling, whether you prefer 1-hour weekly lessons or a shorter 30-minute session.

💡 FREE Intro Session
Enjoy the first intro session FREE today! Experience the ukulele without a large upfront investment. Lessons are offered by instructor Nigel E. Harris - Musical Wellness. With a focus on musical wellness, you'll not only learn the ukulele but also experience the benefits of music for your overall well-being.

Ready to pluck those strings and create beautiful melodies? Message Nigel to book your first lesson so you can strum your way to musical greatness! 🎶


To arrange for your one-on-one private or Skype/Zoom lesson   https://musicalwellness.com/contact