TEAM-BUILDING  DRUMMING CIRCLES                                                                                                                                   

This is a program that uses drums and rhythm instruments to engage individual participants in a physical activity that supports them to create a cohesive group.

Over a short period of time, participants become 'synchronized' together to one beat, locking into one collective group 'heart beat '

Participants experience a natural  'team building' activity as they discover their unique individual contribution to the group





This activity allows individuals to reconnect with their own innate drumming ability by tapping into their internal, spontaneous rhythms
Learning how to synchronize to a collective beat, drumming  together as a group to a recorded piece of music
An increase in endorphin activity in the body and a better circulation of chi or energy, resulting in stress relief, a fun experience and leading to a more positive mood
Individual self confidence  increases as participants see how they can be individually creative and also be a contribution to the group effort  



No previous drumming experience or understanding of music is needed
Suitable for all age ranges and cultures
It helps if you come with an open attitude and let the fun happen!   


The  drumming circles work best with 8 to 50  participants 
'Musical Wellness' supplies all the drums and hand instruments necessary for your participants

Drums are 'rotated' so each participant gets a chance to try out a variety of them
The program runs from for 60 minutes


Become more in-touch with their individual contributions to the group and become aware of their possible roles
Recognize how the energy changes over the course of the session both within themselves, and  within the group


Percussive instruments used include: djembes, nesting drum sets, bass drums, floor tom-toms, maracas, shakers, cow bells, tone tubes, African drums and Mexican guiros

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