* Do you need to record but have a limited budget?
* Do you need a basic demo of voice and guitar and backing track?
* Do you want to sing your fave song and have a CD of it as a gift?
* Do you have lyrics for a new song but need help with the music?

We can help you realize your dream by bringing your ideas alive on a recording that you can use to promote yourself.
Gone are the days when a rough demo of voice and guitar is sufficient. Today's market requires something more akin to the finished product to get listened to and taken seriously.

We create this for you keeping your costs down to a minimum because we are not trying to compete with the big studios - you pay hourly as you go and always leave with a CD of the day's recording.

Working together with another trained co-writer/producer can be the difference between a song that is 'OK' and a song that has that 'sparkle' that gets noticed.    


-TESTIMONIALS -  (from satisfied clients!)

Karaoke style George sang along to the Temptation's hit 'My Girl' after changing the song's key to fit George's vocal singing range and stripping out the original vocals. We also inserted a brief verse of 'You Are My Sunshine', a song he used to sing to his daughter when she was a child. 

"I wanted to do something special for my daughter’s 19th Birthday. My father passed away many years ago but I’ve always regretted the fact that I never recorded his voice because at certain times, in certain moods, I would dearly love to hear it.  I very much enjoy singing certain songs with and to my daughter, so I decided to record a few as a keepsake in case she ever wanted to hear my voice.  

Being a father himself, Nigel knew exactly what I wanted and made the whole process simple and fun during a half day recording session at his Bare Bones Studio.  My daughter loves this gift.  Thanks, Nige, for helping make love live…forever!"

George Dutch - 'Job Joy'  Job Change Expert  http://www.jobjoy.com    


Another client wanted to sing to her favorite song 'You Can Relax Now' for a singing competition she was entering into, so we isolated the backing track, coached her a little in her singing technique, recorded the song. She enhanced the effect of the music by creating her own beautiful video. 

"My heartfelt thanks to you for your gentle soul, your unconditional love for your client as a voice coach and taking me where I was when I entered your studio.  I feel so much joy from this experience... giving my inner child that boost of confidence that only someone who has lived your journey, could do".

MT - Ottawa  



Another client made a live recording of a meditation featuring crystal bowls and chanting, in a public location which although sonically true, was full of interruptions like chairs moving and audience members coughing. The client tasked me to take out the unwanted sounds throughout the 1 hr recording, add in some effects from some of his other CDs, boost his voice and number of other things. His intent was to release the recording as an audio meditation for sale to the public.

After some editing and mixing, the final product was ready - the customer was very happy with the results and gushed:

Quote: " Thank you for all your help on this project Nigel, it's been a pleasure - You took a sow's ear and made it a purse. lol "  

DH - Ottawa 

Here's a link to the meditation: https://musicalwellness.com/meditations (scroll down to 'OPENING TO THE INNER SENSES' )


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