LIVE @ 'THE BRIDGE' - An Evening With Singer/Songwriter - NIGEL E. HARRIS

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The Bridge Public House , 1 Donald St, Ottawa

Seeing the Fab 4 as an impressionable 10-year-old in my seaside hometown near Liverpool, was easily the most powerful early influence to my music. Also, the intoxicating sounds that filled our house when my step-sister and her hip friend sang and played, and later on tearing up church halls with my band's blistering blues and rock, idolizing Hendrix and Clapton, catapulted me out of my humdrum British existence and into my adolescent rebelliousness.

For years I made a living as an engineer until mid-life when I realized how spiritually dead I felt. I went back to school and followed my dream to create 'live' music in therapeutic settings, where I experienced the transformational power of music every day.

So how does this all relate to my live gigs? My music is how I express my gratitude for the simple things in life. The genres I write in span between rock and children's songs, with blues, indie, and pop in between. You can expect an evening of classics and originals on guitar and ukulele with a smattering of Liverpool wit and storytelling that will melt away the winter blues.

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